Where’s Wally? Foolproof science helps you find him in ten minutes

We find this to be incredible.

Wheres waldo2

Unless you're a Hufflepuff (they're particularly good finders) you've probably wasted hours of your life looking for Wally.

The little red and white striped bugger is highly elusive, and until now we've had to scan square inch after square inch of beach, desert, and city scenes to locate him.

But now science has actually uncovered the perfect search path to find Wally every time.

Source: Randal S. Olson

Computer scientist Randal S. Olson has created a data map of the optimal search route.

By using data from all seven Where's Waldo (the American Wally) books, Olson mapped Wally's 68 locations and then used a genetic algorithm to find the best route.

Source: Randal S. Olson

He also offers his wisdom on the best way to find Wally:

1) Start at the bottom of the left wage. If Wally isn’t on the bottom half of the left page, then he’s most likely not on the left page at all.
2) Next look at the upper quarter of the right page - Wally prefers hiding here.
3) Then check the bottom right half of the right page.
4) Wally hates the bottom left half of the right page. Look there last.

Still, Olson concluded by saying, "barring a situation where someone puts a gun to your head and forces you to find [Wally] faster than their colleague," the joy of finding [Wally] is "in the journey, not the destination." Too right, Olson. Now how do we find Wanda?