Waitrose out poshes itself by writing tasting notes on Special Brew

Apparently it's both "good" and "clean".

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It's official - Waitrose is now a parody of itself.

Well no, okay, maybe that's been official for some time. But the parody has definitely stepped up to new levels since Waitrose issued a set of tasting notes on super-strong tipple Special Brew.

Apparently, it had notes of Cognac in it the whole time which, frankly, makes us wonder if we've been missing out on all this time.

Twitter user Martin O'Leary alerted the world to the gentrification of Special Brew when he tweeted this picture:

Inevitably, the jokers of Twitter were on it like a Regency bonnet. Here are just a couple of the witticisms Waitrose has been subjected to.

Weirdly, all the attention seems to have caused a spike in sales, however.

All of which leaves us with just one pressing question: who the hell is buying Special Brew from Waitrose anyway?

Feature image/ Andy Fitzsimon