Unborn baby gives thumbs up on scan

Baby reassures parents that everything is A-OK.

Baby scan

 A couple from Kent were relieved after a scan revealed their baby was growing normally - and even got the extra reassurance of a thumbs up from their unborn child.

Donna Sayer and Simon Biscoe had been told two weeks earlier that the baby's head was unusually elongated and too small.

However, on their return to Canterbury Hospital they were given the all clear. According the Donna 'the nurse said she would try to get some more photographs of the baby but it was hiding and all she could get was its hand giving the thumbs-up, as if it was trying to tell us that everything was fine'.

The ultrasound practitioner for East Kent, Fay Smith said such hand signals were 'not that unusual'.

'I often laugh with parents-to-be when babies have got their hands over their private parts' she added.