Uber knows when your phone is dying and uses it against you



We all appreciate modern tech nowadays, but there are times it can feel a little... Stalkerish.

And in the latest instalment of technology horribly exploiting us, it turns out that Uber can tell when our phones are running out and uses this to its advantage.

The head of economic research at Uber, Keith Chen, revealed to NPR's Hidden Brain programme that the app is able to record when you're running out of charge, and therefore more likely to pay a higher taxi fare.

Source: Martin Abegglen, Flickr

According to Mr Chen, “one of the strongest predictors of whether or not you are going to be sensitive to surge” is the urgency you feel when you know your phone might die at any moment.

And the betrayal doesn’t end there.

It was also revealed that we are more likely to pay an inflated rate of around 2.1 or 2.2. Apparently this is because we think that a whole number is a calculated move by someone sitting behind a computer screen, just plucking numbers out of thin air.

“Whereas if you say your trip is going to be 2.1 times what it normally is [people] think there is some smart algorithm at work so it doesn’t seem quite so unfair,” Mr Chen explained.

So, what's the lesson here guys?

Be careful who you trust. And, ALWAYS bring a phone charger.

Feature image credit: iStock