Tiny engraving fits on a razor blade

And just wait until you hear the effort that went into it...

Blade 1822558c

At just a tenth of a millimetre, this is officially the world's smallest engraving.

Graham Short etched the words 'Nothing is impossible' on the edge of  Wilkinson's Sword blade, which is now on sale for £47,500.

The engraving was a painstaking effort, and took Short around 150 attempts before he was successful.

He was only able to work at night, when the traffic vibrations were at a minimum, and had to bind his right arm to his chair with a luggage strap to avoid unwanted movement.

If that wasn't enough, Short also used a stethoscope to monitor his heart, only attempting to engrave in between heart beats when his body was perfectly still. Short has trained himself to slow his heart beat to 30 beats a minute through swimming 10,000 metres a day.

He also spends 90 minutes sitting still and breathing slowly before he starts an engraving session.

Well you have to hand it to the guy - he's certainly dedicated.