This Twitter account will help you decorate your room like your favourite film

Changing Rooms missed a trick.

Colour feat

You know that moment where you really want to decorate your bedroom in the theme of American Beauty but Dulux doesn’t have a collection for that?

Well, don’t settle for that ‘lovely neutral colour’ your mum suggested just yet, because there is now a Twitter account that can help. Cinema Palettes.

With a repertoire of more than 200 shades from our most-loved movie scenes to hand, the account is able to pick out the perfect colour palette to match.

From cult classic The Shining to Oscar winner The Revenant, the account is a breakthrough for cinema lovers, filmmakers thirsting for a greater understanding of light and colour and those of us who feel that a bedroom decorated in the style of Star Wars would be the perfect aphrodisiac.

We know what we're doing this weekend. Now, where's that paintbrush?

Feature image credit: CINEMAPALETTES/Twitter