This new six-pack ring is edible and helps the environment


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When Gove (not that one) and his friends opened a Florida brewery in 2013, one of their biggest concerns was that it shouldn’t affect the sea.

So they came up with something truly genius - an edible six-pack ring.

The five entrepreneurs were beer lovers, first and foremost, but also avid surfers who understood the devastating effect plastic can have on marine life.

"The jewel of Florida is the ocean, so we all grew up seeing tar and different plastic on the beach and when we’re surfing and fishing we’ll catch plastic bags, and it’s horrible," Gove told Upworthy in a recent interview.

Something had to be done.


Together with a New York ad agency, the boys developed a set of beer can rings made from the grains left over after the brewing process.

Though this doesn’t give you freedom to litter it does mean that the rings are totally edible, so if they were to end up in the ocean, the sea life could safely eat them.

Source:, Flickr

Though the design is not yet widely available, 500 prototypes have been tested thus far and been successful.

Finally, we can drink good and do good simultaneously.

CHEERS to that.

Feature image credit: Zach Copley, Flickr