This new alarm clock that wakes you up with a cup of coffee

Brew o'clock.

Coffe clock

Sometimes we really don't want to get up in the morning - whether it's far too early or we've had one too many bank holiday beers, an extra hour's kip feels like the best decision in the world.

But to help us through the tough times, a chap named Josh Renouf has launched a Kickstarter to fund a production line of what he calls The Barisieur, an awesome coffee-machine-come-alarm-clock.


This beautiful contraption and works by the user (that's you, potentially) setting the thing up before you go to bed. His aim was to create an aesthetically beautiful hot drinks machine/alarm clock and while on paper it's a cool idea, it still looks a bit Year 9 science room-y.

Here's the thing: Josh has a Kickstarter goal of £380,000 and so far he's raised almost £154,000. Impressive. The unit also has a phone charger built in and, let's be honest, would probably fit into most of our bedroom designs - it comes in black AND white! The only snag? It's £265 for one Barisieur unit (assuming he reaches his overall target, that is).


We reckon it's a damn good idea - after all, everyone needs a cuppa first thing - but we'd probably need to be waking up much earlier to actually be able to afford one. Thus a vital decision swirls in our minds: go without food for a month or have freshly made tea or coffee at our bedside each morning?

Feature image: The Barisieur/Kickstarter