This is the biscuit-eating capital of the UK

The figures you've all been waiting for.

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Think folks where you live scoff more biscuits than anyone else? Unless you live in Manchester, think again.

A new report by analysts at Mintel has named the northern city as the biscuit-eating capital of the UK, reports the Mirror.

The research has revealed that 96% of Manchester residents eat a biscuit every day. Impressive.

Almost £2billion worth of biscuits were sold in the UK last year - that's 420,000 tonnes worth. The least biscuit-happy area is Yorkshire, followed by the East Midlands and the south-west.

Despite the bad press sugar's been getting lately, sweet biscuits are still far more popular than savoury, with 93% of Brits eating them regularly compared to just 77%.

Long live the custard cream.

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