This Game of Thrones train map will help you get around Westeros

The commute to Winterfell is just awful.


Don't you just hate it when you're stuck in dirty old King's Landing and you've only got 2 hours to get to your coffee date at House Martell in Sunspear? Well, Graphic designer Michael Tyznik has the answer to your Game of Thrones transport problems: he's created rail maps of Westeros and The Known World that show you exactly how to get from Westeros to Essos via public transport! I mean, you could probably avoid long train journeys by simply hopping on your dragon, but we don't all have flying lizards at our disposal.

  1. 1 Here's the map of Westeros in full:
  2. 2 Here are some of the highlights from Tyznik's transport network:
  3. 3 There are lots of in-jokes scattered across the map e.g. "Service to Valyria discontinued"
  4. 4 And check out the apology by Harrentown station: "Please pardon our dust as Harrenhal is restored"
  5. 5 So next time you're lost in Westeros...
  6. 6 Just consult this handy train map!

    You can view the maps in high resolution on Tyznik's Flickr. Posters of the maps are available at inPRNT: Westeros and The Known World.