This aubergine is all of us on a bad day

You better eat your vegetables, or else

Aub feat

It can feel like a fight to eat enough vegetables sometimes, but what if one of your five a day wanted to fight you instead?

Thanks to one person on Reddit, this picture of an angry aubergine shows just this.

Source: imgur

It looks more likely to be in a punch-up than a Thai green curry, right?

The image was posted to Reddit by user Grousewind, and despite no further details having been revealed about the origin of the violent veg, it's almost reached the front page.

Meanwhile, other users have posted more friendly aubergines.

Source: imgur

It's hard to eat an aubergine that's so nonchalant, right?

Will aggressive aubergines be here to stay, or will they return to being best known as *that* emoji?

Feature image: imgur