These are the most dangerous Tube lines

New figures have revealed all.


The London Underground often feels like a sketchy place, whether you're on an overcrowded carriage or one that's totally deserted.

And now new figures reveal that some Tube lines are more crime-ridden than others.

In total, 12,527 crimes were recorded on the London Underground last year, meaning that more than 30 travellers are being targeted in sex attacks, robberies and other crimes every day.

According to the figures obtained from the British Transport Police by the Mirror, those that travel on the Central Line are most at risk of such crimes, as almost 2,000 were reported in a 12 month period.


Most of these were thefts (625), followed by violent attacks (369) and sex attacks (198).

Next was the Piccadilly Line, which had a particularly high proportion of thefts (613), plus 82 sex offences, 11 robberies and 20 crimes involving drugs.

The Northern Line came third, followed by the Jubilee Line.

Good news however if you take the Waterloo & City line - only 10 offences were reported in that year.

Though if you take a glance at the Underground map it's clearly the shortest line in the capital, which er, probably isn't a coincidence.


Meanwhile the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) caters for plenty of people but had one of the lowest crime rates. (Perhaps because it feels like being on a children's rollercoaster and is so. Darn. Fun.)

Here are the full rankings from most to least dangerous:

1. Central - 1,918 crimes from January 1 to December 31, 2015

2. Piccadilly - 1,741

3. Northern - 1,527

4. Jubilee & Stratford Hub - 1,525

5. District - 1,292

6. Victoria - 1,255

7. Hammersmith & City & Circle - 1,102

8. Metropolitan - 767

9. Bakerloo - 757

10. DLR - 633

11. Waterloo & City - 10

Feature image: Chris Jones