The world's top holiday destinations have been revealed

How many have you been to?


When it comes to holidays, there are certain destinations that we all want to tick off of our bucket lists.

Now the world's top travel destinations have been revealed - and the top one is a little closer than you might have thought.

Source: barnyz

Yep - London has been voted the number one travel destination in the world.

In a survey by TripAdvisor ranking the 25 top holiday destinations, London rose up by six places since last year beating Paris, Istanbul and Rome.

It's also the first place to take the top position in the survey twice.

Second to London was Istanbul, followed by Marrakech and Paris.

Notre Dame
Source: barnyz

Unsurprisingly popular European destinations Rome and Prague came seventh and sixth, and South East Asian destinations Siem Reap and Hanoi at fifth and eighth.

The USA snuck in New York at ninth, as did Australia with Sydney in 24th position.

If you fancy a gander at the full list, here it is.

Feature image: Pedro Szekely