The world's first supermodel cat

Calling all suave felines! Follow Toki down the runway in his daahling clobber...

Cat fashion.jpg

What is it about people putting cats in funny outfits? Not that we're comparing these demure designs to this incredible fad that circulated online not so long ago:

Cats in bread craze sweeps the web

Oh, no, These cat accessories are far more fashion-forward - perfect for stylish cat owners wanting their feline friends to stay in vogue.

New York cat lover Julie Song has created a range of detailed designs to sell on Etsy and has been overwhelmed with the response she's had to her cat clothes, as modelled by her very own furry friend, Toki.

'Toki is an amazing model. He actually sits down and poses now, which is really funny. He gives these bored model faces that are hysterical,' she said.

We'd have to agree. A polo neck and a flat cap? Toki just looks so Parisian.

Judging by the photos, the cat has taken to modelling for his owner's clothes like a duck to water. By the looks of things, he didn't even protest when he was made to wear a particularly sparkly, gold headband,

What a pro.

In need of some more unbelievably genius cat-based photos? Look no further:

Cats in bread craze sweeps the web