The vainest countries in the world have been revealed

The UK is in the top ten.


It's hard being fabulous, especially when it involves putting effort into your appearance.

According to new research, people in some countries spend more time than others in front of the mirror.

New data from market research company GfK has allowed us to rank which countries spend the most time on personal grooming - funnily enough, the UK didn't come top.


The UK came in at number 10 - with men spending 3.7 hours a week on average on personal grooming, and women 5.4 hours.

Poland just beat us with 3.9 hours spent by men and 5.7 hours spent by women.

The US came third, with men spending 4.3 hours in front of the mirror, and women spending way more at 6.2 hours.

But first was Italy - Italian men spend an average of 5 hours, while women spend 6.2.

While these numbers are both high, at least Italy had the least time disparity between genders, so both women and men are both in the same boat - or mirror, if you will.

The difference between women and men may have been predicable, but reminds us that we're not an equal, 'metrosexual' world when it comes to grooming quite yet.

Here's the full ranking:

Best get out the tweezers.

Feature image: Kevin Dooley