The most depressing Harry Potter theory you'll ever see

All the tears.


J.K. Rowling does love to tug at our heart strings. Those seven books and eight films were rollercoaster of emotion but this latest fan theory will break you like nothing else.

We've already shed a tear over other theories such as how Sirius Black and Remus Lupin died inside when Harry's parents were killed, causing them not to have aged in 15 or more years but Tumblr user marauders has noted something just as devastating.


According to J.K. Rowling, there were meant to be 1,000 students in Harry's year spread over four houses - meaning 250 per house. Spread that over seven study years meant around 36 students in each year, in each house.

HOWEVER, in The Philosopher's Stone there only appears to be about 18 or so classmates in Harry's Gryffindor year, so why the massive drop? Well, and here's the harrowing part, marauders reckons it's down to the great war against Voldermort.

marauders reckons that the people that would've become parents around the time Harry was born (circa 1979-1981) were either killed during the fighting or simply didn't wish to bring a child into such an evil world.

Here's the full theory to weep over...

Source: marauders/Tumblr



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