The kindest city in Britain has been revealed

Hint: it's in England.

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Britain is great, as the name suggests. From South to North, from Plymouth to Aberdeen, it is full of wonders. That being said, it's no secret that some areas are far better than the others.

The supermarket chain Co-op, fascinated with the diversity of the Isles, conducted a survey about kindness levels across the land, polling adults in 19 different cities.

The survey measured the average number of good deeds residents carried out.

What does that mean exactly? Well, for example, the poll measured how long it took someone to rush to aid someone in need. Or how fast they handed something back that had been dropped.


And after interviewing over 4,000 people, it turns out that if you want to be around a lot of kind individuals, you should definitely head over to Bristol - the city that took the top spot in the ranking.

To no surprise to anyone, London came last, at number 19. According to the survey, the residents claimed they were reluctant to help others, fearing "it would look weird". Can you imagine?

Source: Harshil Shah / Flickr
  1. Bristol
  2. Belfast
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Southampton
  5. Cardiff
  6. Bradford
  7. Oxford
  8. Manchester
  9. Coventry
  10. Norwich
  11. Sheffield
  12. Nottingham
  13. York
  14. Edinburgh
  15. Leeds
  16. Birmingham
  17. Liverpool
  18. Glasgow
  19. London

According to the survey, the kindest age group is 18-24 year olds who are very engaged in their local communities and hence are more likely to help strangers on the street.

How did your city score?

Feature image © Velodenz / Flickr