The guys who made 'Gap Yah' are back with a new weird video

"I'm literally in Burma."

Gap yar

Remember that video that went viral about a posh Londoner who was on his 'Gap Yah'? Yeah, that was six long years ago - how time flies when you're procrastinating on the internet, eh?

Turns out the guys behind it have got a new video out, and it's an oddly amusing one about sexism and job interviews.

Take a look - bear in mind it's a tad NSFW...

After Gap Yah amassed millions of views - as we watched Orlando tell his mate Tarquin about his enlightening travels over the phone, only to reveal he's in prison in Burma - the three-minute clip went viral and spawned a number of follow-up sketches.

So the new vid's also got a twist at the end, but it's not as subtle as you'd expect. After some male 'banter' between the interviewer and one of the candidates, it's left up to the other hopeful - a woman - to step in and do something quite unexpected. It's had around 15,000 views, so hasn't broken the internet like they did back in 2010.

We're not sure it's as on the nose as Gap Yah, but it certainly tickled us and has a relevant message in there. Plus it does address an interesting point about sexism in the workplace, which always needs our attention.

And just to refresh your memory, here's the original Gap Yah video in all its satirical glory.

Feature image: YouTube/VM Productions