The 25 best things about Christmas

'Tis the season... so don't be a Scrooge.

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You've had the 25 worst things about Christmas, but what about the other side of the coin? Read on for some festive joy...

1. The smell of Christmas trees

There's nothing like that pine-fresh scent to get you in the festive spirit! Maybe it's because it's only once a year, but there is still something a little magical about having a lovely twinkly tree in your house.

2. Christmas jumpers that are so bad, they're good

Maybe it was made by your grandma, maybe you bought it yourself in a frenzy of festive goodwill. Whatever the case, there is no denying the joy that a Christmas jumper brings to both wearer and viewer. The more outrageous and mad, the better.

3. Getting handwritten Christmas cards in the post

Nowadays, handwritten messages are an endangered species, and Christmas and birthdays are perhaps the only times in the year when they appear to stage a comeback.

4. The coca-cola advert

As soon as you see it, you know it is officially acceptable to start spreading the festive joy.

5. Christmas songs you secretly love

From "Fairytale of New York" to "Do They Know It's Christmas?", we all have a favourite. Forgotten about for months, they re-surface in the run-up to Christmas and our love for them is rekindled all over again.

6. Mince pies

Delicious. And only around once a year. Seize the chance to consume as many as is humanly possible while you can.

7. Home Alone

Pretty much guaranteed to be gracing your television screen at some point during December - and just seems to get better with age. Kind of like a good cheese.

8. Day drinking suddenly becomes acceptable

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a drink at any time of the day, be it morning, noon or night. Anyone who challenges this can be easily rebuffed with two little words - "it's Christmas!"

9. Getting new underwear

Some complain about being given socks as a gift. But think about it - now you don't have to buy them yourself. It's a win-win situation.

10. Twinkly Christmas lights in town

Suddenly walking home from lectures or work through a cold, dark winters night no longer seems so bad when the town centre looks like the set of a Christmas movie.

11. Extravagantly decorated presents

Wrapping gifts should be considered an art form. The bigger, curlier and more shiny the ribbon, the better.

12. Christmas markets

Selling everything from cutesy handmade gifts to hot chocolate, and often festooned with Christmas fairy lights. The very definition of festive.

13. Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

A definite highlight of the whole season, not just Christmas day. If you don't leave the table uncomfortably full then you haven't eaten enough.

14. Christmas television specials

In addition to the Royal Variety Show, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are guaranteed to bring a wealth of much-loved shows back to your screen. And you deserve to sit back and enjoy after a hard day of opening gifts and stuffing yourself full of turkey.

15. Christmas cracker jokes

Yes, they are terrible. Yes, you heard them all last year, and the year before, and the year before...but it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

16. Miracle on 34th Street

Heart-warming, hilarious and full of feel-good festive cheer. Bound to make you feel nostalgic!

17. Having tins of Quality Street/Roses/ Celebrations in the house

And it's acceptable to gorge on them. It's Christmas, after all.

18. Lighting the Christmas pudding on fire

There is still something impressive about seeing the blue flames flicker over the Christmas pudding. Plus it's delicious.

19. An afternoon nap after your roast lunch on Christmas day is acceptable

You are no longer berated for having a little snooze mid-afternoon. Perfection.

20. The music from The Snowman

Aled Jones' angelic voice singing "Walking In The Air" - beautiful!

21. Advent calendars

You are never too old, no matter what anyone says. Also makes waking up on a cold December morning much more exciting.

22. Christmas tree decorations you made when you were little

Your childhood creations are displayed proudly every year. Who wants a perfectly decorated, colour co-ordinated tree anyway?

23. Mulled wine

A warming and delicious alcoholic beverage. My only question is why this is confined solely to Christmas time.

24. Chocolate Christmas tree decorations

Pretty much guaranteed to be gone by Christmas day.

25. And finally...waking up to a white Christmas

Hey, we can always dream.