Teacher gets kicked in the balls by pupil [video]

Next time your lecturer cuts you down for falling asleep in class, you know what to do...

Russian teacher.jpg

A Russian teacher has become something of a YouTube star - not for biting his older brother's finger, not for riding backwards on a pig, not even for chasing a herd of deer through Richmond Park - no, this guy got kicked in the spuds by a schoolgirl!

After berating the girl in front of her entire class for not understanding what was on the blackboard during an English lesson the teacher in question starts aggressively poking her in the head.

Following a bit of cowering and a lot of looking understandably petrified, little Olga (OK we don't know her name, but stick with us) swats away his arm and introduces her right foot to his bits n'pieces.

The incident - which has (probably) left school children the world over chanting little Olga's name in the playground - was conveniently captured by one of the girl's classmates using their mobile phone.

According to the user who posted the video the teacher has been 'suspended by school authorities for his aggressive teaching', whilst the girl has been signed up for the football team.

OK, that last bit was a lie.

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