Tattoo artist offers free tattoos to cover up self-harm scars

A potentially life-changing offer.


It's estimated that around 13% of 11-16 year-olds in the UK will try to self harm. But whatever age it happens, if severe enough, the resulting scars can be carried for life.

This is why Whitney Develle, a 22 year-old tattoo artist from Australia has begun offering her services to people who have self harmed for free.

Apparently Whitney was at a party in Brisbane talking to a girl when she revealed old scars running up her arm.

The girl said she'd suffered from an eating disorder as a teen and had cut 'Don't Eat' into her skin. Since she knew that Witney was a tattoo apprentice she asked if she could cover the scars with a tattoo.

She told ABC: "I'd never covered scars before so I said I'd give it my best shot."

Whitney etched a bouquet of native Australian flowers over the scars.

"Now the reaction she gets... 'where did you get that tattoo, that tattoo is beautiful' instead of looking directly at her scars and judging her.

"Seeing the expression on her face and how happy it made her, I thought what a great idea to be able to do that for more people."

And so she began The Scars Project. Aiming to raise awareness of mental illness and help sufferers regain confidence, she's offered her services to previous self-harmers for free.

Apparently the response has been overwhelming, and she's received requests from all over the world - so she's unable to offer this to everyone.

"It's really hard to go through the emails and tell one person 'y'know you're more deserving that this person'. Because they're all deserving.

"But I had to narrow down the emails that touched me the most. The people you wouldn't be able to walk past without seeing the scars that they had."

Check out Witney's Instagram for more beautiful tats.

Feature image: Whitney Develle/Instagram