Student wins year's supply of Pot Noodle, but doesn't like Pot Noodle

What would you do with 350 tubs?


We've all received a present we didn't really like, but a student in Liverpool has gone one step further by winning an entire year's supply of a food he hates.

Bradley Phillips was 'lucky' enough to win 350 Pot Noodles - enough to last him an entire year - and found himself with a pile of meals he didn't want.

Source: Facebook

Bradley won the prize after unknowingly being entered into a draw because he was staying at the same student digs for another year.

Because all students love Pot Noodle, right?

The first Bradley knew of his fortune was when around 350 Pot Noodles arrived at his flat and were dumped in his front room.


He didn't want to bin them, so after giving around 70 out to any friends that wanted some, he decided to list the remaining Pot Noodles online.

Moments after posting an advert onto a local buy-and-sell page on Facebook, the entrepreneur received a message and shortly after a woman came over to collect the impressive haul, paying Bradley £80 for the lot.


More impressively still is that the lady then donated all of the Pot Noodle to a food bank, proving herself to be a kind and generous person as opposed to being some sort of noodle addict.

Well, now you know what to do next time you win a year's supply of a food you don't like.

Feature image: Flickr