Student orders cushions off eBay, doesn't get what she expected

Umm, thanks?

Pillow feat

When student Yazmin Zurtti bagged herself a couple of fancy cushions for a tenner on eBay, she thought she'd landed a bargain.

When the package arrived, though, it didn't quite look like she'd expected.

Upon opening it up, she discovered that the cushions she'd bought were a better fit for a hamster than a human.

Now we'd hate to speculate about the size of anyone's bum without reliable statistics, but we think it's safe to say she probably won't be sitting pretty with these little guys.

Yazmin told Metro: "I’d picked these pillows because they matched the bedding and I’ve just done my room up so I had it all planned out how they would look.

"When I opened the package I was just stood there with them in my hand thinking: ‘What am I supposed to do with these?'

"I guess that will teach me to read the small print on eBay. They’re no more than an inch wide. My sister and my boyfriend were in the room in hysterics."

Yazmin's post about the mix up earned her 100,000 likes on Facebook in just a day, and although she's had offers on the tiny cushions, she's decided to keep them now that they're famous.

Feature image: Maria's Upholstery, Yazmin Zurtti