Pixar's Finding Dory appear to feature the first animated lesbian couple


Finding dory couple

The latest trailer for Disney Pixar's Finding Dory has been sending the internet wild, not only because we're beyond excited to finally have a sequel to Finding Nemo, but because it appears to feature Disney's first lesbian couple.

Some keen internetters have noticed that during a new clip from the sequel we can see what appears to be a female couple out for a stroll with their baby. Take a look for yourself...

Source: Disney Pixar

Not only would this be the first Disney or Pixar flick to feature a lesbian couple but it's the first animated film to do so - though Frozen appeared to loosely imply there was a male couple in Arendelle.

Twitter users were pretty chuffed.

If this is what it looks like, it's a nice counterpoint to Disney's wealth of white, hetereosexual characters. But the film giant has been making an effort to introduce some diversity in recent years, with 2009's The Princess and the Frog introducing the first black Disney princess and 2016 flick Zootropolis addressing xenophobia and racism.

Nice one, Disney!

Feature image: Disney Pixar