OAP turns mobility scooter into Batmobile

Great grandfather makes the world his Gotham City, hitting the road in his very own batmobile...

Oap turns mobility scooter into batmobile

Christopher Nolan might have made Batman cool again with the latest Batman films but OAP Brian Vann takes The Dark Knight superhero thang to a whole new level.

The 74-year-old - a dab hand with the ol' DIY - has transformed his electric mobility scotter into his very own Batmobile. Not the one pictured. That would be ridiculously impressive. You can check out Brian in all his retro superhero glory, here. Aw.

'People drive past in their cars and stop when they see me, get out, and ask for a photo.

'I feel like a bit of a celebrity. I know how the Beckham's must feel when I go out in my Batmobile. If it brings a smile to peopl'es faces, then it's done the job.'

We can just hear Brian singing along as he trundles his way from his Batcave, around the complex where he lives in Worcestershire: 'Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na BATMAAAN.'

We have a feeling we'll be bringing more news of Vann the Man soon, too, as he has already started work on another scooter design: none other than a Thunderbird spaceship.

[Image: o b s k u r a]