No sex for a million years?! Wow.

Crucial News: Celibate stick insects and 'Jesus' turns up in a receipt...

No sex for a million years wow.

Today'sCrucial News(like Newsround but less grown up)


Stick insects haven’t had sex in over a million years!

Hopefully this will put your dry spells into perspective. Scientists have discovered that some species of stick insect haven’t had sex for over a million years. Yikes. The species in question - the Timema stick insect from the US - clones versions of itself via asexual virgin birth.

What would Jesus buy?

Jesus is a busy guy - his face has cropped up on everything from frying pans to drainpipes in every corner of the globe. His latest trick is to show himself in the receipt of a couple from... yep, you guessed it, the US. The couple from South Carolina had bought some pictures from a supermarket but didn’t spot the ‘face’ for three days. Click here to see the receipt and hear their story.

Noah’s ark 2.0

A Dutchman has built a replica of Noah’s ark - complete with (wooden) animals, sat two by two. 52-year-old Johan Huibers has been building the vessel for three years after dreaming that part of Holland was flooded. It’s built to the exact specifications mentioned in the Bible and will house a ‘Bible Museum’. Hmm, sounds perfect for a rainy day...

Men pretending to get arrested, get arrested

Two men in South Jersey, USA had been out drinking when they stumbled across an open police van. Deciding it would be an opportunity for an amusing photograph or two, they climbed into the van and took photos of each other so it looked like they’d been arrested. Unfortunately they got locked in, had to call the police to get out, and were duly arrested. Nice one guys.

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