Newsreader makes d*ck slip on air

A sausage festival story gets this newsreader all a fluster, as she accidentally refers to the 'Pick a D*ck' competition...


A newsreader on a Canadian channel has become something of an internet star after reading out a segment about a sausage eating competition.

Ever the professionals, the newsreader and her co-anchor begin laughing at the mere mention of a sausage, so it should probably come as no surprise as to what happens next.

'You can get tickets online at 'Pick a D*' the newsreader states, before realising her hilarious slip-up, bursting into laughter mid-sentence and revealing that she actually meant to say 'Pick a Amazing.

Even more brilliantly, the newsreader's co-anchor goes on to justify the Freudian slip by shrugging her shoulders and stating: 'Well, you were thinking of sausage!' In all fairness, she makes a good point. Although she does proceed to make matters worse by telling the camera, 'We were not drinking wine today,' immediately convincing viewers that the pair have, in fact, been swigging a bottle of White Zinfandel during the ad breaks.

Watch the video below and witness the incredible d*ck slip not once, but twice!

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