Neville Longbottom took his clothes off and JK Rowling couldn't hold her tongue

My has he grown...

Matthew lewis

Oh look. It's two of our favourite people on the planet having a great Twitter back-and-forth. What a great way to cheer us up on this Thursday afternoon.

Matthew Lewis - well, let's use his real name, Neville Longbottom - has posed for the front cover of Attitude magazine's latest issue.

The photos of our favourite Harry Potter star are as arousing as you would expect, featuring a good solid helping of Longbottom bulge.

Look at that bulge. That's premium Gryffindor bulge, that.

On account of the bulge, J.K. Rowling couldn't help but offer her feedback. Here's how she felt about the erotic images.

Classic Rowling, that. Just what you'd expect. Classy, yes - but funny at the same time.

If you're Neville Longbottom and the woman responsible for your celebrity takes the effort to tweet you about your racy photos, you had better do the gracious thing and respond.

And respond Neville Longbottom did.

Not bad. Not bad, Neville.

Then, of course, Rowling saw that and delivered the sucker punch, raising the bar several feet because she's like that, Joanne - she's witty.

Thought it was over? Wrong. Along came Jason Isaacs. Jason bloody Isaacs.

Yeah, that guy. He plays Lucius Malfoy. You know the bloke.

Jason bloody Isaacs smelled that some fun was happening, so he got involved.

And the Rowling gold kept coming...

Well, that's our day made. Great stuff. Have a nap, everyone.