Muggle uses hand-drawn Marauder's Map to propose to his girlfriend

No love potion needed.


There are proposals, and there are Harry Potter proposals.

As you can probably guess, the latter is better.

Which is exactly what Evan Onuskaynch must have thought when he proposed to his girlfriend Kelsey Davis using his own hand-drawn Marauder's Map.

Marauder's Map proposal
Source: Reddit/Bass2buddha

The couple have been together for five years, but only became full-on Potter fans after visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

He shared the finished laminated masterpiece on Reddit.

Source: Evan Onuskanych

He told BuzzFeed: “I broke it up into four major parts of our lives: where we met, our first memories, college, and the present.”

It features the high school where they first met, the coffee shop where they had their first date and different spots in the uni they both attended.

Marauder's Map proposal
Source: Reddit/Bass2buddha

And the final destination, a spot on Evan's favorite trail in Pennsylvania, is where he proposed.

Yeah, she said yes.

Magical job, sir.

Feature image: Reddit/Bass2buddha