Millennials the hardest-working women in UK, study finds

Well duh.


Millennials in the workplace have been getting a bad rep. We've been told we're lazy, entitled, and "not as productive" as other workers.

But as anyone in the age group knows, most of us bust our arses at work - and now, a study can back this claim up too.

A study conducted by blow LTD has found that amongst the UK's female workforce, millennial women (aged between 22 and 29) work the hardest.


This age group works 1,692 hours a year on average - 136 hours more, or roughly 18 typical working days, than most UK working women.

Women based in London also work a greater number of hours on average. These women complete 1,631 hours a year, which is 75 hours or ten typical working days more than most of the UK's female workforce.

This is closely followed by women in Scotland (1,626 hours a year) and the North West (1,570 hours).

The number of hours worked appears to go down in age, with women aged 30 – 39 working 1,631 hours a year, and women aged between 40 and 49 1,515 hours.

Overall, the number of women in employment hit a record 14.6 million at the end of 2015, with nearly 1 million (975,000) more women in work than five years ago.

So next time an older person tells you you have it easy at work, tell 'em to do one.

Feature image: ABC