Meteorologist told to cover up live on air

Not cool.


When it comes to dressing for the work place, women can feel stuck between a rock and a hard place; damned if we dress nice, and damnedif we don't.

So when meteorologist Liberté Chan was told to cover up live on air, the internet was more than outraged.

At 8am on KTLA 5 news, based in Los Angeles, Liberté Chan was in the middle of her forecast when an arm holding a cardigan appeared at the edge of the screen.

Confused Chan asks: "What's going on? You want me to put this on? Why, because it's cold?"

Nope. Chan was being asked to cover herself up because, according to cardigan-arm, "we're getting a lot of emails".

Many viewers tweeted angrily in response.

Chan uploaded a video onto her Facebook page of a colleague reading off some of those emails sent to the studio.

One claimed that she looked like she'd shown up to work in the same cocktail dress she had worn to a party the night before.

Chan asked "Can we talk about my weather performance?" in response.

Some are demanding that the broadcaster owe her an on-air apology.

Damn straight.

Feature image: Liberté Chan/Facebook