McDonald's super fan travels the world collecting burger boxes

Screw the local cuisine.

Burger feat

How much do you love McDonald's? Enough to double your cheese RDA in a single meal? Enough to take the 100-Nugget Challenge? Enough to avoid thinking about what goes into those patties for the rest of your life?

However dedicated your worship of the golden arches might be, we can guarantee that you've got nothing on this guy.

26-year-old Serge has travelled all over the world to add to his collection of McDonald's boxes - and he has specimens from places as far-flung as Quebec and India.

Serge now has more than 300 boxes, and he claims that his McDonald's tours have actually been an educational experience. In an interview with FastandFood, he said: "In France or Switzerland, for example, there are hamburgers to local cheeses. In India, the beef being sacred, the chain has expanded its range of vegetarian or chicken burgers.

"In Germany, the famous McSauerkraut with steak, three sausages and cabbage was offered in limited edition. In Portugal, there is a soup section. In Quebec, it is forbidden to use English on the boxes."

Sure, they're not gonna be as valuable in 20 years as Star Wars memorabilia or first edition Harry Potter books, but let's face it - your Beanie Baby collection hasn't exactly been raking in the fortune you expected it to either.

Although to be fair, it probably didn't smell quite as potent.

Feature image: Twitter/McDo Collection