McDonald's is launching new burgers and oh my God, do they look delicious

There's a bagel burger on the menu, this is not a drill.

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Gone are the days when you have to order the same boring old stuff from the McDonald's menu. Dated cheeseburgers and Big Macs will have to make way as Maccy Ds has just introduced three brand new burgers.

As part of McDonald’s Great Tastes of America menu (which is served up every summer), the fast food restaurant chain will premiere The Tennessee Stack, The Tex Mex Stack, and The New York Stack.

They already sound delicious. But what's actually in them?

The Tennessee Stack

Source: McDonald's

Two beef burgers grilled in rich Tennessee style BBQ sauce stacked with cheese and topped with BACON AND GRILLED ONIONS. Served in a fancy flour-topped bun. Mmmm, get in our mouth.

The Tex Mex Stack

Source: McDonald's

Two beef burgers, pepper jack cheese, spicy smoky sauce, CRISPY TORTILLA CHIPS, and a spicy bun. Let's just hope it will actually crunch.

The New York Stack

Source: McDonald's

It's a bagel burger, served with chunky coleslaw and Beechwood smoked bacon. Yes, you read it right. This is not a drill. A BAGEL burger. You don't get more New York than that.

Our only concern is that once we get to the store and receive our order, the burgers will look nothing like the ones on the pictures above and we'll be yet again filled with shame and regret for dining at McDonald's. That being said, we're totally ready to take the risk.

Just when we think we're out, they pull us back in.

Feature image © McDonald's