Man takes sex dolls on holiday

Apparently his wife is fine with it.

Sex doll 4

Even in this big old pile of wrongness we call life, there are few things that stand out as particularly weird, and taking a 40kg doll called Bianca on holiday with you is most definitely one of them.

However, for married father-of-two David Hockey it's become a standard activity. He and Bianca have enjoyed road trips across the US, as well as visits to Oxford and Stonehenge.

David insists his wife is fine with the arrangement, saying 'She knows I'm not going to run off with a piece of silicone shaped like a woman' (but it's alright to hang around with one right Dave?)

Bianca is so heavy she has to be pushed round in a wheelchair, but that hasn't stopped David taking her on a skydiving trip. 'The instructor who jumped in tandem with her said it was a pleasant change not to have someone screaming in his ear' said Hockey.

The filmmaker from Canada has 14 dolls altogether, and has spent £16,000 on travel and outfits, including £1,270 of lingerie.

However, he insists the collection is just a hobby, saying 'Some people in the doll community - iDollators - prefer dolls over a normal human relationship. But for me they're just dolls, not people'.

Judging from the pictures below, this is one hobby that's got just a bit out of hand...