Man rants about problem with women's clothing on Facebook, hits nail on head



Trying on new clothes can really knock one's self esteem, particularly at shops with weird sizing.

So when Benjamin Ashton Cooper was helping his girlfriend clear out her wardrobe, and discovered that most of her clothing was sized 'XL', he was not happy.

Because Benjamin, who's usually a small in men's sizes, fit into her XL clothes perfectly.

He soon took to Facebook to highlight his issues with this.

Facebook post
Source: Benjamin Ashton Cooper/Facebook

In response to comments explaining that sizing has changed over the years, Benjamin said this:

"My point wasn't about the sizes, it's about the disparity in sizing between men and women.

"The fact that I got into both a men's small and a women's extra large is straight up sexism. Body shaming sexism."

"Look at me, and then look at a girl of my torso size, and tell me with a straight face she's an extra large woman."

Hear hear, Benjamin.

Feature image: Benjamin Ashton Cooper/Facebook