Man looks down barrel of gun - shoots hat off

An American man narrowly escaped shooting his face off after he decided to have a closer look at his ‘broken’ shotgun.

Man looks down barrel of gun   shoots hat off

We have never fired a gun. We have never held a gun (we’re excluding water pistols). And we never intend to. But IF we did, we’re pretty sure our number one rule would be, ‘Don’t point the gun at your face when it’s loaded’.

One lucky gunman in America could have done with our rulebook, it seems, after his shotgun malfunctioned.

Filming himself shooting into the bushes - as you do - his gun fails to fire. Confused, he decides to look down the barrel of the weapon to find out what the devil is going on.

Of course, as soon as he does this the gun goes off.

However, in an extraordinary piece of luck, the gun kicks just enough that the bullet narrowly missing his face, instead blowing his cap off his head high into the air - turning what could have been a tragic accident into a classic bit of slapstick that could make you £250 if you sent it into You’ve Been Framed.

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[Image: YouTube]