Man keeps Big Mac as a pet for two whole months

Dreams do come true.

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We're guessing most of you wouldn't mind having a pet. Some of you got lucky in life and actually managed to make this dream come true. Sadly, there's also a big group of people out there who are not ready, for whatever reason, to welcome an animal into their homes just yet.

But as Matt Crook from Welling showed the world, anything can be a pet if you try hard enough. Like, for example, a Big Mac.


"I went to McDonald's and picked up a Big Mac deal," Crook says.

"Unbeknownst to me, my wife had cooked dinner, so I ate noodle soup instead"

"I chucked the chips in the bin, drank the Coke and just left the Big Mac in my bag. The next day, I opened my bag at work and found the Big Mac there, looking at me."

"I thought about eating him for lunch but he was already starting to solidify."

At this point, Matt got quite attached to his burger and couldn't make himself throw it away. So he kept it. As a pet. Obviously.

The first few days were very exciting for Matt and his new pet pal:

Matt took the Big Mac home to his mum’s for Christmas:

Showed him around the office:

He even tried to Netflix and chill with the Big M, but it got a bit awkward:

"The funny thing about the Big Mac was that he continued to smell like a Big Mac long after he was fit for consumption," Crook points out.

"So it was always in the back of my mind that he smelled good enough to eat, but the reality was that all of the ingredients had shrunk and gone rock solid."

But the happy times couldn't last forever.

On Jan 16, 2016 Pet Big Mac has sadly passed away, RIP.

"I really wasn’t sure what to do when I opened my bag and saw that Pet Big Mac’s top bun had cracked clean in half," says a distraught Matt

"I thought about maybe getting him a new bun, but it felt a bit like I was starting to play God. So I just threw him in the bin."

Farewell, our greasy friend. Farewell.

Feature image © Twitter / Petbigmac