Man drinks wife’s breast milk to get erection

Jeff says breastfeeding is ‘awesome’ and ‘strengthens my erection’.

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Jeff and Michelle, who have chosen to withhold their second names, have discovered a new activity as part of their sexual routine - breastfeeding. They chanced upon it after the birth of their first child.

Jeff enjoys drinking straight from the ‘source’, which both partners find 'profoundly erotic'. Jeff also claims that it significantly alleviates the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Well, they do say milk gives you healthy bones.

‘Some guys are turned on by feet, some are turned on by spanking, I get turned on by breast feeding and getting my wife pregnant,' says Jeff, a 34-year-old landscaper. 'The first time I latched on and the milk started to flow, I had to stop, otherwise I would finish off right there'.

Michelle’s milk now has a permanent place in Jeff’s diet, as he puts it on his cereal and in his coffee, stating that it tastes like a cross between low fat milk and soya milk.

Bizarrely, their child, now aged 2, has stopped breastfeeding, whilst father Jeff continues to enjoy the benefits of his wife's natural milk.