Ladyboys hired for Thai airline

Transexual flight attendants give the girls a run for their money


A new Thai airline - aptly named PC Air - has decided to recruit transsexuals as flight attendants.

Four ladyboys will join 19 female staff and seven males in attending to passengers. The ladyboys include beauty queen Chayathisa Nakmai, who has been named Thailand's most attractive transsexual.

PC Air president Peter Chan said the recruitment process was slightly different for ladyboys compared to other staff.

'For transsexuals, we can't just spend five or ten minutes with them, we have to spend the whole day with them to make sure they have feminine characters' he explained.

According to the PC Air job advert, all cabin crew members need to be of Thai nationality, hold a Bachelor's degree, be able to swim and have an 'excellent' grasp of both English and Thai.