How to spot the office dickhead, according to research

Just in case you couldn't spot them already.


Every workplace has one. In fact, they're probably pissing you off right now, located approximately a desk and half away from you.

Yep - the office dickhead. And now according to Harvard researchers, whoever yours is, there's a surefire way to spot who they are. Because science.

Harvard Business School says it's pretty straight forward: they're probably overconfident, selfish and insist on ‘doing things by the book’.

Of course reputable Harvard didn't use the word 'arsehole' per se, but 'toxic worker'. You get the gist though.


The researchers told Metro: "Who is most likely to be a toxic worker? The research shows three key predictors.

"First, whether a person has a very high level of 'self-regard' or selfishness.

"Because if such people don’t care about others, they’re not going to worry about how their behaviour or attitude affects co-workers.

"Second, feeling overconfident, which can lead to undue risk-taking.

"And lastly, if a person states emphatically that the rules should always be followed no matter what, watch out."

We always knew those goody-two-shoes rule followers were up to something.

Feature image: Wikimedia Commons