How drinking MORE beer can help you keep your New Year's resolutions

Our Dry January prayers have been answered.

Beer equals exercise

We've all heard the health scares and advice about drinking less to be more healthy, but in better news, apparently there's a link between moderate drinking and being fitter.

Yep, you heard that right, providing you're drinking in moderation, scientists have found that you'll be more likely to exercise than those who are trying to go tee-total. So maybe reconsider that "Dry January" you've tried out for the past week and we'll just call it "normal January" instead.

This idea might actually be on to something because both alcohol and exercise use the same pathways in your brain, so it's likely you'll respond to both things in similar ways.

Leigh Leasure, associate professor and director of behavioural neuroscience lab at the University of Houston has conducted a study looking at the connections between exercise and alcohol.

He's concluded that there are "a lot of parallels" when you're looking at how our brains respond to exercise and alcohol.

Leasure said, "It does make you wonder if people are feeling good when they exercise and people are feeling good when they have a drink, maybe they continue to seek out that experience."

And if you've done an hour in the gym you totally deserve that pint, right? RIGHT?