Here's why your jeans pockets have a tiny metal button on them

Another life mystery solved.

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Where would humanity be if it wasn't for jeans? Probably nowhere, they seem to play such an important part in our culture.

That's why chances are you've probably stopped and wondered at least once in your life why every pair of jeans has these tiny metal buttons by the pockets. You know which ones we're talking about:

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Are they there for decoration? Are they there just to occasionally annoy you and get under your fingernails when you're trying to reach something from your pocket?

As it turns out, these little copper buttons actually serve a very important purpose.

Known as rivets, the metal clips prevent jeans from wearing out and ripping at the seams.

Rivets were patented by Levi Strauss - the father of all jeans.

Jeans were invented for hard manual labour workers who needed durable clothing made from strong fabrics. But even though jeans lasted much longer than regular, cotton trousers, they would wear out pretty quickly too because of the extreme working conditions.


When Strauss heard miners complaining about how quickly their trousers fell apart despite being made out of jean material, especially at the pockets, he decided to introduce metal rivets to make the fashion more durable. Now the miners could fill their pockets with pieces of gold as much as they wanted and the seams would not rip.

So there you have it, mystery solved. Now, let's move on to figuring our why pockets in trousers from the girls section are so bloody small.

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