Here's how the colour of your bedroom walls affects you

Decoration, decoration, decoration.

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According to a highly scientific study by Travelodge, those with caramel-coloured walls have the most sex.

To reach that conclusion, over 2,000 British couples were asked about their sex life, as well as the colour of their bedroom walls.

Apparently, the shade of brown tricks you into thinking about chocolate which serves as a form of aphrodisiac.


What's interesting, red - the colour long associated with passion and all things kinky - scored the lowest. Couples with crimson walls have sex only once a week, on average.

Those with their bedrooms painted blue are believed to experience excellent sleep, and people with dominant purple accents in their boudoirs tend to suffer from insomnia.

The survey results have also showed that grey walls push people to shop online more.

Maybe the safest bet is to just stick to the plain 'ol white, eh?

Feature image © The Art Institute of Chicago