Have you ever wondered how Harry Potter fans around the world pronounce Hermione's name?


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While many of us are still recovering from the fact that the 't' in 'Voldemort' is silent, some Harry Potter fans just got another rude awakening.

A threat on Reddit started by the user RLLRRR asked other magic fanatics how they pronounce the young witch's name.

As it turns out, almost everyone calls Granger something different. Our personal favourite comes from user Ash3070:

Possessive much?

But others didn't disappoint either:

We did a quick survey in our office and it turns out no one can agree on how to pronounce the character's name either.

We have also discovered, thanks to our Polish colleague, that in Poland they pronounce Granger's name as 'Her-mi-oh-nah'. Very interesting!

And how did you originally pronounce Hermione's name?

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