Harry Potter: you'll soon be able to buy your own Quidditch set replica

Accio snitch!

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Dear Harry Potter fans, it's time to make some room on your shelves: a new miniature Quidditch set is hitting the shelves later this month.

Source: Amazon / Running Press

Already available for pre-order, it costs $17.89 (£13) and includes one Quaffle, two Bludgers, and, obviously, one Snitch.

Showcased in a decorative Quidditch trunk that comes with a lock and key, the set features a 16x24" collectible poster as well.

The only drawback we can see is the fact that the Snitch is non-removable - unlike all the the other elements, it stays firmly in the lid of the box.

But maybe that's better since Harry isn't around to catch it and we're not allowed to fly our brooms around Muggles.

The set will certainly look nice next to all the other Potter paraphernalia we own.

Now, where's our copy of Quidditch Through the Ages?

Feature image © Warner Bros. / Running Press