Groom took his mum on honeymoon

Unsurprisingly, his wife filed for divorce.

Mother in law

Mother-in-laws are the butt of many jokes, but one bride was most definitely not laughing after she found out that her's was coming along for the honeymoon.

In fact he 36-year-old from Rome - identified only as Marianna - filed for divorce, citing her husband's 'excessive emotional attachment to his mother' as the reason. It came after her discovery that new husband Stefano had booked his mum into the same five-star Paris hotel following their wedding in Rome.

'The mother-in-law was already living next door to the couple and things were tense' said Marianna's lawyer. 'The straw that broke the camel's back was when she found she was coming on honeymoon with them'.

'All three travelled to Paris and it was very tense, made worse by the fact that the honeymoon coincided with Christmas so Marianna spent a lot of time with her'.

Marianna love, we're think you're best off out of it.