Glastonbury might move to a safari park

Beat the crowds - ride a lion...


Everyone likes a crazy festival story. That one time your mate snuck backstage and Pete Doherty threw up in his ear; the night when your buddy streaked on the Pyramid Stage and got herself onto ITV. But in 2019, you could trump every festival story ever told.

Founder and emperor of Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis, is in talks with the Longleat Estate to move Glastonbury 20 miles down the road. Longleat houses a famous safari park, as well as a huge stately home. And nothing says festival fun quite like befriending a family of monkeys, or managing to perch your oh-so-tasteless Native American headdress on top of a tiger.

Basically, it's going to be a whole festival of this:

Except instead of a paper bag the zebra will be nabbing a whole load of ketamine and a four-pack of Strongbow.

Man, that's going to be one happy zebra.

Feature image: Wikipedia Commons