Fitbits 'highly inaccurate', research finds

We knew running was risky.

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If you’re racing to reach your 10,000 step daily quota right now, STOP RIGHT THERE.

New research from the California State Polytechnic University has found that PurePulse’s Fitbit miscalculates your heart rate by up to 20 beats-per-minute during a workout.

Participants in the research were attached to a BioHarness device which records and prints the heart's rhythm and then compares it to the readings from the Fitbit.

Unfortunately, the results showed that our favourite fitness gadget rated ‘highly inaccurate’.

Source: Global Panorama, Flickr

The research was carried out after a law suit was brought against the fitness giant claiming that the device’s inaccuracy could be dangerous for those at high risk of heart disease.

Ball State University also carried out their own research and found the Fitbit had a 14% margin of error.

"Calculating a heart rate that's off by 20 or 30 beats per minute can be dangerous — especially for people at high risk of heart disease," the report from the Indiana university explained.

Fitbit argued that the devices are not meant to for medical purposes and are, “designed to provide data to users to help them reach their health and fitness goals”.

We’re just steering clear of running altogether. We figure it’s the safest way to regulate our heart rate.

Feature image credit: iphonedigital, Flickr