Driver caught fondling passengers boobs

Speed camera snaps frisky driver...


Deng Jialin was feeling so frisky when he was driving down a highway in China that he just had to cop a feel of his passengers breasts while he was driving.

Unfortunately for him however, he was speeding at exactly the same time. This inevitably meant that a camera flashed mid-grope, exposing Deng to international embarrassment. Woops.

The driver is pictured with his right arm casually extended to touch the chest of the female next to him, while his left hand remains firmly in the 10 o'clock position and his gaze lies - sensibly - on the road.

Deng has since denied that there was even a woman in the car, claiming that the photo had been doctored. Sure.

See exactly what the camera caught, here.

[ Image: DaveBleasdale]