Don't panic, McDonald's is trialling garlic fries

Tossed in parmesan. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.


Maybe it's a 4am snack that you won't remember the next morning, or it might be your dirty Friday lunch time secret, but the truth is, a lot of us have a soft spot for McDonald's. Salads with more sugar than ice cream, nuggets that come in four artificially created shapes: there's something about the salty MSG goodness that feels great every time.

So when Maccy D's rolls out a new product, that's big news world wide. And today the internet has been rocked by the news that as well as the golden sticks of joy that are the classic McDonald's chips, in some branches you can now order garlic fries.

The fries are made by tossing normal chips (obviously we don't know what's in them. Could be anything) in a puree of garlic, salt, parmesan and olive oil.

Olive oil at Maccas. What a time to be alive.


The new fries are only being trialled in selected McDonald's in San Francisco at the moment, bad news if you're craving salty garlicky goodness at lunch time, good news if you deal badly with change.

We'll let you know if they pass muster and make it to the UK.